I have a Bachelor of Arts in New Media, with a minor in Art Studio, and I am a recipient of the University of Lethbridge Fine Arts Gold Medal Award. I work in all of the subjects in my navigation, and I am very excited to show you everything that I am passionate about.

I have always been interested in the subconscious, feeling compelled to extract and play with the inner workings of the psyche in my practice. Specifically, I am inspired by harmful societal ideologies, wishing to dissect, display, and challenge the psychological results of living in an anthropocentric culture dominated by patriarchy and consumerism. At my core, I am a storyteller, and I attempt to foster a sense of connection with my viewers by showing my own story, as well as the stories of others.

You can reach me at autumn@autumnread.com for a quote on a project, or find me on LinkedIn or Instagram.


Traditional hand drawn animation; black charcoal and white conte;

A Tale of Two Lovers

Digital hand drawn animation;

Vastu Shastra (Science of Architecture): Spilling Milk

Rotoscope animation;

Crossing Boundaries & Interactive Art Science Technology Collaborative Symposium

Graphic Design, Layout Design, Branding

University of Lethbridge Art Society

Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding

Town of Hanna Town Map


Accrual Accounting

Graphic Design, Layout Design

Digital Learning Support Desk

Graphic Design, Layout Design, Illustration, Branding

Miscellenious Contour Drawings

Ink on Paper


Ink on Paper

Floating in the Most Peculiar Way

Collaborators: Alex Ivan and Katelyn Yee

Wire Sculpture, Sound, Projection, Coding, MakeyMakey


Collaborators: Alex Ivan, Scott Kerslake, and Dillon Punko

Wood Sculpture, Projection, Coding, MakeyMakey

BBOP-C Lenses

Collaborator: Amy Tarnowsky and Andrew Faubert

3D Print, Coding, Arduino

In the Tide

A Better Poet

Sad Robot

Custom HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript website bones

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Pastlife: Kasuki and Sito

Collaborators: Stephanie Wilson and Dan Sequeira

3D Web, Aframe, Virtual Reality, Storytelling, Gesture Controlled through Myo Armband (Can be navigated by clicking)

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Weebly Content Management System

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Doot Doot (You will likely need to visit the website for it to work)

Custom Coded, Satire, Game

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Holiday Card

Custom Coded

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Birthday Card

Custom Coded

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You can reach me at autumn@autumnread.com for a quote on a project, or find me on LinkedIn or Instagram.